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Our Projects

The Zziwa Foundation
Raised: $1,250
Goal: $50,000

Building of a Rehab

9 months remaining

The Zziwa Foundation is looking to purchase an acre of land in the city surburb to build a drug rehabilitation centre. Please join us on this journey

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The Zziwa Foundation
Raised: $1,500
Goal: $10,000

Destributing 5 copies of Our book to all public libraries

7 days remaining

It would be a glorious achievement to equip our youngsers with this tool earlier.

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The Zziwa Foundation
Raised: $1,973
Goal: $10,000

The first Uganda Anti drugs workshop and seminar

15 days remaining

We are organising 1 day to talk about the substance abuse problem in Uganda and brainstorm solutions forward.

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The Zziwa Foundation

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The Zziwa Foundation

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The Zziwa Foundation

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The Zziwa Foundation


Donated $400.00

The Zziwa Foundation

Zziwa's Story

Opening up to people that I was in rehab is therapy for me,” he says, “that also keeps me going on the new journey and helps me keep the promise that I made to myself, my mother and doctors.” He was taken to Butabika Mental Hospital for rehabilitation for 30 days. That journey changed his life. “I fight every single day to keep going and never relapse after witnessing my family happy again around me,” Zziwa says, “I fight to keep sober because even with just one shot, I may crave for cocaine.” Born on May 1987, Zziwa had acting stints with Ebonies which he joined in 1998. Zziwa says drugs and alcohol are not worth his life or anyone else’s.

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Our Board

We are proud of our board of highly experienced and internationally successful figures.

In The News

  • July 16, 2017

    A visit to Butabika ADHU

    On a journey of support and encouragement, Zziwa recently visited patients in the hospital's Drug and Alcohol unit.

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  • Dec 16, 2017

    Visit to Kampiringisa Centre

    On a recent visit to Kampiringisa Juvenile Rehabilitation center, Zziwa threw a party and got the Teenagers there into a cinstructive conversation on the dangers of Alcohol and drugs use.

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The Zziwa Foundation

Monthly Meetups

We plan on having monthly meetups involving our anonymous groups, with vists from recovered addicts to encourage and motivate our residents on their rehabilitation journey.

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